Our Priorities

Our Priorities


What our priorities are and how we are doing

Council's Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan enables the whole organisation to work together in teh same direction to address the key priorities for the community and achieve Council's vision.  The Corporate Plan is a way for Council to communicate its direction with its stakeholders, particularly the community, and provides a framework for reporting back on progress achieved through the various activities on the organisation.

Our Values

Communication - We are H.O.T

Honest, Open & Two-way - It is the transaction of ideas, thought, information, facts & values between council, staff & community.

Fun - We laugh together, We work together

Work is only work if you make it so.  In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.

Potential - We encourage growth

Giving everyone a chance to reach their full potential is the best work anyone can do.

Courage - We plan to succeed

Excuses for dailure are not documented.  Fear is not present because no one ever works alone. Change is constant, growth is optional.

Safety - We think, act & promote safety

Safety isn't a slogan it is a way of life.

Commitment - We are passionate & engaged

Commitment ignites our actions and drives our performance.  It fuels our passion for a job well done.

Council's Operational Plan

Each year Council, in accordance with the Local Government Act, adopts a Operational Plan which identifies 'activities' that work toward achieving the goals, objectives and strategies outlines in the Corporate Plan.  The Operational Plan is the key management document, crucial to teh strategic running of the Council.