Wild Dog Controls


The term 'wild dog' refers collectively to purebred dingoes, dingo hybrids, and domestic dogs that have escaped or been deliberately released. In central southern Queensland, a wild dog barrier fence helps protect 26.5 million hectares of sheep and cattle country from wild dog impacts.

You can participate in national wild dog mapping by reporting populations.

The wild dog is a Class 2 declared animal under Queensland legislation. It is the responsibility of landholders to control wild dogs on their land.

The Queensland Government has a wide range of information available. Visit the Wild Dog webpage for more information.

Wild Dogs Communication Package

The Wild Dog Communications package has been developed through the Regional Wild Dog Committee and Biosecurity Queensland to provide assistance to Local Governments encourage landholders to comply with the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002.

This information package provides details to all landholders including their obligations in relation to pest management and various control methods. The following fact sheets are included in the package: