Most rivers within the Bulloo Shire are "Carp Free" and you do not require a license to fish.
Please check the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Fisheries website for bag limits and sizes.

Golden Perch (Yellow-Belly) is the main fish species, freshwater catfish, spangled and silver perch are also available. Yabbies are plentiful during the winter months, May-August.

Check weather and road conditions prior to travel.

Bulloo River

At Thargomindah there are many water holes where you can cast a line for the elusive Golden Perch (Yellow Belly) or toss in a yabby pot for a feed of yabbies.

Paroo River

Fishing is permitted at the Paroo River at Hungerford and at Currawinya National Park, only a few kilometres from Hungerford.

  • Bait of the area must be used; no bait is to be brought into the area.

On the Paroo River, fishing is permitted either side of the bridge crossing with Golden Perch (Yellow Belly) and catfish being the usual catch of the day.

  • All carp caught must be disposed of and not used as bait nor transported out of the area.

See ranger staff at the Currawinya National Park for information regarding fishing in the national park.

Wilson River

The Wilson River, opposite the Noccundra Hotel, is a great place to put up camp and enjoy a spot of fishing or yabbying.

Cooper Creek

Cooper Creek, in the channel country, is well known for its fishing.

Protect our waterways

You can all help protect our waterways and fish stocks, by doing a few simple things.

  • Dispose of all rubbish, bait bags and tangled fishing lines thoughtfully.
  • Practice catch and release, or only keep the fish that you need.
  • Observe bag limits.