Complaints Management


Complaints Management

Bulloo Shire Council wishes to provide the best service possible to its customers. Council is committed to addressing and resolving enquiries and complaints, improving customer service delivery and increasing community satisfaction.

We welcome your feedback on Council’s services at any time. If you have a concern about the way we have provided a service, we encourage you to notify us so we can review the matter. While we aim to get it right the first time, we understand that things can sometimes go wrong. Your feedback assists us to improve our services to the community.

A complaint is defined as Council failing to respond to a request for service. We have a complaint resolution process in place to ensure you have an opportunity to have your issue investigated.

It is important to note that this process relates to services provided by Council and does not cover decisions made by Council at formal Council meetings.

In dealing with your complaint or enquiry we will:

  • respond promptly;
  • investigate thoroughly and objectively;
  • keep you informed of what is happening;
  • respect your desire for confidentiality, however there are times due to statutory and other requirements where confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.
  • Council staff will treat you in a respectful and personable manner. Please extend the same courtesy to our staff.

Complaints Management Framework

Customer Complaints Flowchart


If you have any enquiries or you wish to make a complaint you can:


(07) 4621 8000


Council Office at 68 Dowling Street, Thargomindah



The Chief Executive Officer
Bulloo Shire Council
PO Box 46
Thargomindah QLD 4492

Please note – the Chief Executive Officer does not personally handle each enquiry or complaint. On receipt at Council, letters are quickly referred to the responsible officer for attention and resolution.

To assist Council please provide the following details:

  • relevant dates and times
  • a description of the incident or problem
  • any conversations or meetings you have had with involved parties
  • copies of relevant letters
  • any outline of the actions you would like taken in response to your complaint
  • any further information you think is important.


Administrative Actions Complaints

Administrative action complaints encompass all complaints made to Council about administrative actions of Council, which includes Council decisions, actions, proposals and intentions as well as Council recommendations. This also includes failure to make a decision about a matter or failure to provide a written statement for a decision. However complaints will be dealt with in different ways to reflect the type of complaint made.

The objective of this policy is to support the process to effectively manage all administrative action complaints from their receipt to their resolution.