Road Conditions


Under Border restrictions Direction (No. 15)  you must complete a Queensland Border Declaration Pass before you come to Queensland. This will include agreeing to get tested for COVID-19 if you develop any symptoms within 14 days of arriving in Queensland.

People who have been in a COVID-19 hotspot within the last 14 days will be turned away at our border, except people needed in Queensland for essential activities.

Queensland residents who have been in a COVID-19 hotspot can return home but will be required to quarantine in government provided accommodation at their own expense.

Border Zone Residents:

Queensland residents can travel anywhere in the New South Wales border zone for any purpose & New South Wales border zone residents can travel anywhere in Queensland for any purpose.


As road conditions can change day by day or minute by minute, motorists are advised to check websites before and while travelling to ensure they have the most current information on road conditions.

The local Road Reports posted below are generated on an ‘as-needed' basis unless there are weather events that warrant daily updates. Bulloo Shire road reports updates are also available by contacting the Thargomindah Visitor Information Centre on 07 4621 8095.

Some roads in the shire are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. For information on Main Roads closures, please visit

Drivers are urged and take caution on all roads, drive to prevailing conditions and show caution when crossing any stormwater on roadways. Please do not attempt to traverse creeks and other crossings that are clearly under water. Remember "If it's flooded, forget it"

Current Road Report