Tackling Regional Adversity through Connected Communities (TRACC)

Tackling Regional Adversity through Connected Communities (TRACC)


The Tackling Regional Adversity through Connected Communities (TRACC) grant program provides an opportunity for community groups in the Bulloo Shire region to access funding and support for events and initiatives that contribute to building resilience and overcoming adversity. With a maximum grant funding of $6,000, the program aims to empower local community groups to address the unique challenges they face. Expressions of Interest are now open, and close June 2024. All expressions of interest must be handed in at Council's Administration Building, or via email to council@bulloo.qld.gov.au.

To apply for the TRACC grant, community groups in the Bulloo Shire region will need to complete an expression of interest (EOI) form. This form serves as an initial application to express the group's interest in receiving funding for their proposed event or initiative. The EOI should outline the details and objectives of the event, how it aligns with the goals of the TRACC program, and how it will contribute to community resilience.

The grant funding can be utilised for various purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Event organisation and promotion: The grant can support the costs associated with planning and executing community events. This can include expenses such as venue rentals, equipment rentals, marketing materials, and promotional activities.

  2. Guest speakers or facilitators: Community groups can use the grant to bring in guest speakers or facilitators who can provide valuable expertise, knowledge, or training related to addressing adversity, building resilience, or specific issues relevant to the community.

  3. Community workshops or training sessions: The funding can be used to organise workshops or training sessions aimed at enhancing community skills, knowledge, and capacities. These sessions can focus on topics such as emergency preparedness, mental health and well-being, sustainable agriculture practices, or business development.

  4. Equipment: The grant can be used for event-specific equipment that would otherwise not be usable outside the event. Examples of this include hiring audiovisual equipment, food supplies, fireworks, nonalcoholic beverages etc. 

  5. Community engagement and networking activities: The funding can support activities that foster community engagement, collaboration, and networking. This may include hosting community forums, networking events, or initiatives that bring community members together to share experiences, ideas, and resources.

It's important for community groups to demonstrate how their suggested event or initiative will contribute to community resilience and address the challenges specific to the Bulloo Shire region. Clear objectives, expected outcomes, and a detailed budget should be included in the expression of interest form.

Grant funding cannot be utilised for the following purposes:

  1. Equipment or resource acquisition: The grant can not be utilised to purchase equipment or resources that are permanent in nature. This means any equipment that would not be exhausted at the end of the event and could have a use outside the event. Examples include shade structures, benches, permanent signage etc;
  2. Minor building modifications;
  3. Projects likely to require recurrent or ongoing funding;
  4. Subsidies for the cost of owning or operating a property;
  5. Projects that duplicate existing services without significant modification;
  6. Retrospective projects.

Applicants should refer to the specific guidelines provided by Council when applying for funding, to ensure they meet all eligibility requirements and provide the necessary information in their expression of interest. Please ensure that your application is received well in advance of your community event dates, as late applications will not be eligible for consideration.

If the event requires insurance coverage, please provide Council with a certificate of currency along with your expression of interest.

Click here to download the TRACC Expression of Interest application. Any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Council's Grant Officer Daniel Roy on (07) 4621 8000 or council@bulloo.qld.gov.au.