About Council


The Bulloo Shire Council, established in August 1880, governs this vast region located in the far south-west corner of Outback Queensland. The Shire covers an area of 73,600 square kilometers, making it the third-largest Shire in Queensland, occupying approximately 4.26% of the state's total area.

The Bulloo Shire is known for its diverse landscapes and rich history. It is home to Lake Bindegolly National Park and a significant portion of Currawinya National Park, including its Ranger Headquarters. These parks showcase the region's natural beauty, expansive river and lake systems, and provide habitats for a variety of bird and wildlife species.

The region's history is intertwined with explorers and pastoralists, from the famous Burke and Wills Expedition to current expeditions exploring oil and gas reserves. The Shire has a vibrant economy supported by various industries, including beef and wool production, opal mining, beekeeping, tourism, services, and oil and gas exploration.

Thargomindah is the major town and administrative center of the Bulloo Shire, situated on the banks of the Bulloo River. It has a population of approximately 243* people. The town serves as the hub for the Shire's activities and is home to modern facilities such as the Council Administration Centre, Council Depot, Thargomindah Visitor Information Centre, Library, Kullilli Room, Swimming Pool, Community Centre, Sports Oval, Rodeo Grounds, Cemetery, Bore and Cooling Ponds, Water and Sewerage services, Golf Course and Club House, Council Yards, and the Town Common. Thargomindah is serviced by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, with additional medical services and a commercial passenger air service provided by Rex Airlines twice a week.

Hungerford, with a population of 19*, is located 164 kilometers south of Thargomindah along the Dowling Track, near the Paroo River on the Queensland/New South Wales border. It offers essential services such as a Police Station, Post Office facility, Hotel, accommodations, meals, and fuel. The Council operates a small Depot and Caravan Park, and administers a modern Medical Facility, Community Hall, Tennis Courts, Rodeo Ground, and a sealed Airstrip. Hungerford is serviced by the Royal Flying Doctor Service once a month. The neighboring Currawinya National Park, with its Ranger Station, is renowned as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

Noccundra, a tiny town with a population of 16*, is located 122 kilometers west of Thargomindah, adjacent to the Noccundra Waterhole on the Wilson River. It serves as a popular stopover for tourists visiting the iconic Dig Tree or Innamincka. Despite its small size, Noccundra features amenities such as an unsealed airstrip, Hotel, accommodations, meals, fuel, camping grounds, Community Hall, Tennis Courts, and Public Toilet facilities, all administered by the Council.

Cameron Corner is a unique location where the states of Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia meet. It is situated 402 kilometers from Thargomindah and has a population of 19. The Cameron Corner Store provides accommodation, meals, groceries, fuel, and camping facilities for visitors exploring this remote region.

Overall, the Bulloo Shire offers a captivating blend of natural wonders, historical significance, and diverse industries, making it an intriguing destination for visitors and a resilient community for its residents.

* As according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2021 Census data