Disclosure Log Table


Under the RTI Act Information of a personal nature, information in confidence from a third party or commercial in confidence will not be published on this disclosure log.

Reference Number Date Received Topic / Information Requested Number of Pages Percent Released
RTI - 01/1718 6 March 2018 Document regarding Thargomindah Town Common Yearly Stock Totals from 1999 - 2018 1 Page 100%
RTI - 01/1819 18 January 2019 Documents relating to Motor Vehicle Accident in December 2007 43 Pages 90%
RTI - 02/1819 20 February 2019 Documents concerning dealings with Austeck Asphalt Services, Austek Corporateion, Austek Spray Seal, Austeck Plant Hire Pty Ltd 1 Page 100%
RTI - 01/202021 10 March 2021 Documents relating to Animal Complaint made on 4th March 2021 11 Pages  70%


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