Local Laws


Our local laws are designed to protect our community by setting out how Council should be run and protecting our residents' behaviour that threatens public safety and community amenity.


We establish Local Laws under the power of the Local Government Act 2009.

Council, on 16 July 2019, adopted new Local Laws which have now been introduced.

Council's suite of laws covers a wide range of administrative and regulatory roles and functions, including areas such as signage, food hygiene, footpath dining, building, parking, keeping pets, gates and grids, temporary entertainment events, and permits and licences.

If you want to know more or have a question about the new Local Laws please contact our Governance Officer on phone: (07) 4621 8000 or email council@bulloo.qld.gov.au

Bulloo Shire Council Local Law Register


Why We Have Local Laws

Council is vested with a variety of specific powers to control, regulate, licence or prevent and prohibit the matters deemed relevant to a local government under the Local Government Act.

These powers are administered through Local Laws adopted by Council and are reviewed, consulted on and approved by the State Government through the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. Subordinate Local Laws are designed specifically to meet the needs of the Bulloo Shire area.


Local Law Enforcement

Council’s local law enforcement program responds to complaints and concerns, and works to ensure that businesses and residents comply with relevant Local Laws, State legislation and the Bulloo Planning Scheme. 

Key enforcement activities are:

  • Investigate complaints and alleged breaches of local laws.
  • Issue notices and directions as they pertain to local laws and legislation.
  • Collect evidence and prepare reports in relation to the prosecution of offenders.
  • Conduct auctions of abandoned vehicles and release, under approval, vehicles to owners and authorised purchasers.