Biosecurity Plan


The Bulloo Shire Council Biosecurity Plan will detail the course of action Bulloo Shire Council intends to take over the next four years (2018 – 2022) with regard to the control of declared plants and animals. The purpose of this plan is to bring all members of the community together to manage invasive plants and animals. It does this by highlighting the responsibilities of the community and the desired outcomes required under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

The goals of this four-year plan are to:

  • Ensure stakeholders are informed, knowledgeable and are committed to weed and pest animal management
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are strongly committed to implementing effective biosecurity management
  • Establish strategic directions that are maintained and owned by all stakeholders
  • To prevent the introduction, establishment and spread of new weeds and pest animals
  • Ensure integrated systems for managing the impacts of established weeds and pest animals are developed

Bulloo Shire Council Biosecurity Plan (PDF)