Making an Application


The information below explains how to:

  • access information under the Right to Information Act 2009
  • access information under the Information Privacy Act 2009
  • amend information under the Information Privacy Act 2009

Right to Information & Information Privacy Applications

Which Act applies?

  • Information Privacy Act (IPA Act) - Application for document that contains the applicant's personal information or to amend personal information.
  • Right to Information Act (RTI Act) - Applications for other (non-personal) documents.

The Same "Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application" is used when applying for personal information under the IPA Act and/or when applying for non-personal information under the RTI Act. With the exception of a personal amendment application where you must use the approved "Personal Amendment Application Form".

Request for access to information must be made in the approved form and be accompanied by the application fee to the department as required under the RTI Act.

Fees and Charges

The application fee is $51.70. 

In addition to the application fee, you may be charged for the following:

  • processing documents if your application takes longer that five hours to process ($8.00 for each 15 minutes or part thereof)
  • access to documents (black and white photocopy of the document in A4 size - $0.25 for each page)

Please note that all processing and access charges are normally payable when we notify you of the decision regarding your application.

There is no application fee for access to personal information under the Information Privacy Act.

Application Forms

Submitting Your Application

Completed application along with application fee should be sent to:

Bulloo Shire Council
P.O. Box 46