General Rating Information


What are Rates:

Local governments provide essential services such as roads, water, sewerage, rubbish collection and maintain parks and public open space.

Rates and Charges are the major source of Council's revenue. Other sources include developers' contributions, grants from Federal and State Governments, and other sources such as borrowings.

Frequency of Rates Notices:

Rates and Charges will be issued in two (2) half-yearly notices covering the periods: 1st July to 31st December and 1st January to 30th June.

How Are My Rates Calculated:

General Rates are calculated on the Unimproved Capital Value of Land (UCV), listed on your rate notice, as determined by the Department of Natural Resources and Water. This valuation is then multiplied by the rate in the dollar set by Council. All figures provided are based on six (6) monthly levies.

Discount For Payment in Full by Due Date:

Ratepayers who pay their rates in full by the Due Date shown on their rate notice will receive a 3% discount on their current Council Rates and need only pay the discounted amount shown on their rate notice.

Interest Charges on Arrears and Rate Recovery Action:

Ratepayers are requested to pay their rates in full by the Due Date shown on their rate notice. Otherwise, interest will be charged at the rate of 9.83% per annum and Council will take steps to ensure that outstanding rates are recovered, which may, as a last resort, require legal action.

Property Valuation:

The State Government Department of Natural Resources and Water is responsible for valuing all property in the region. Any valuation enquiries should be directed to the Department by phone on 13 13 04.

For more information, please phone (07) 4621 8000.


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