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Request for Making Presentation to Council Form avalabile here

Please note that all presentations are held at a public meeting, therefore, your name and topic will be added to the agenda, which is made available to the public and posted on Councils website. Your personal contact information will not form part of the agenda, but may be released pursuant to the provisions of the Right to Information and Privacy Act.

Any individual or delegation wishing to address Council is permitted to do so, only where previous written application for such hearing has been made. Each speaker is required to submit this form or provide a letter clearly outlining the subject matter to be discussed and the action being requested of Council.



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Ordinary Meeting Dates 2019



Tuesday, 22nd January 2019


Tuesday, 19th February 2019


Tuesday, 19th March 2019


Tuesday, 16th April 2019


Tuesday, 21st May 2019


Tuesday, 18th June 2019


Tuesday, 16th July 2019


Tuesday, 20th August 2019


Tuesday, 17th September 2019


Tuesday, 15th October 2019


Tuesday, 19th November 2019


Tuesday, 17th December 2019



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Section 272(4) of the Local Government Regulation 2012 provide that:

(4) A copy of the minutes of each meeting:

(a) must be available for inspection by the public, at a local government's public office and on its website, within 10 days after the end of the meeting; and

(b) when the minutes have been confirmed - must be available for purchase at the local government's public office.

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