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A building development approval is required before starting construction on most types of demestic building work.

  • new buildings
  • alterations or additions to existing buildings
  • swimming pools
  • sheds (including garden sheds
  • roofed or unroofer patio additions
  • pergolas attached to dwellings
  • the removal of demolition of buildings
  • material change of use; and
  • sub-division of land (reconfiguration of parcel/lot)

These approvals are also known as building permits and can be obtained from Council or a private building certifier.

Council building certifiers and private building certifiers must be licensed with the Building Services Authority.  Building certifiers are responsible for assessing whether proposed building work complies with all relevant provisions of the Building Act 1975 and associated standards.

Building certifiers will also be able to advise whether a building approval is required.  Some minor building work may be self-assessable or exempt.

Some aspects of domestic building work such as the maximum height, setback or character of a building may be controlled under a Council's planning scheme and a planning permit is required from Council.


Inspection Timing

The building approval will state which inspections are required and at what stages of construction.


Supervision and Quality

It is the sharded responsibility of the contractor and owner to ensure the building work is carried out to an acceptable standard.


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